Vichoco are the ultimate hypocrite

Viet Nam has been admitted in WTO on march 2006. Viet Nam’s embargo was lifted in 1995 through decision of president Bill Clinton (personally I think Mr. Clinton was the best president that America had since Washington).

Viet Nam was blasted back to the stone ages during the American War as General Curtis LeMay suggested by deploying rapid B52 attacks. The French colonist lost in Dien Bien Phu 1954 so they’ve deployed a rapid bombing on Hai Phong harbor. American left Viet Nam and set an embargo against Viet Nam due to discriminatory of differences so that Viet Nam could not trade with any of American allies. After 1991 Viet Nam’s only ally the Soviet Bloc have shattered leaving Viet Nam to fend for itself. Viet Nam and China’s dispute have not ended until 1992.

Please review those information and then related them to Viet Nam today. In my opinion Viet Nam have done an excellent job throughout it’s suffering American war aftermath…

Lets talk about the Vichoco or Viet Chong Cong as they call themselves or American racial slender “Viet Ching Chong”. This is what they say. “Because of the VC. Viet Nam is poor.” First and foremost the VC (real is name NLF) liberated and united with North Viet Nam. The VC were short for Viet Cong or American racial slander “Charlie – Victor Charlie”. The Viet Cong were coalitions from the central and southern province united with a common goal to free Sai Gon from American’s control. To the ignorant Vichoco, VC does not exist anymore if you want to blame Viet Nam for something the party is called Dang Cong San Viet Nam.

Now Viet Nam is a poor country because of the Party? Please review the beginning paragraphs and lets move on. Lets compare Viet Nam to other sea countries. Viet Nam was an colony for the French while other SEA countries were for England and Philippines was for Spain. Lets start with Philippines, they rebelled against Spain for their independence closing in on their goal, America came in and “helped” them fought against each other and later setup their colony in the Philippines to expose their potential resources. Philippines GDP today is only around 400 billion for a colony of America, I find that figure very pathetic. Philippines was said to be the next big thing to Japan and now you see them trying to catch up to Thailand. If you have ever traveled to the Philippines you would realize that they have completely lost their culture. Everywhere you go every street you visit you see English street signs & American franchises. This could’ve been Viet Nam’s potential damage if Viet Nam was to lose to America.

How about Thailand? Thailand have been free from foreign invasion since Viet Nam was under French’s clustered feet. Thailand’s GDP figure today is only around 500 billion. Would this be a considerables rate for a country that had never seen the light of a true war? Remember America have bombed in Viet Nam much more than all of WWII combine (or estimates of 7 times Hiroshima in Quang Tri). Thailand had to purchase rice from Viet Nam and ship it to Viet Nam’s barrier. That’s why after America’s embargo was lifted you hear about Viet Nam being the main supplier for rice goods.

How about Japan? Lots of Vichoco thing Viet Nam could catch up to Japan if they have won the war. First of all like the Philipinese our country was dominated by foreigners for centuries. Second of all our country has a really high population for a small amount of GDP. How about Japan? They were imperialist like America and British who conquered much of Asia including Korea for centuries. They were so powerful that Hitler asked for their alliance. They’ve exploited Viet Nam, China, Korea for their own benefit. Was Japan ever poor? Even the nuclear warhead did not affect their wealth. Vichoco brainless to think that Viet Nam could ever be like Japan with only $500,000 billion American spent to purchase them. South Viet Nam was an American toy bought from the French.

If Viet Nam wasn’t so punished since 1954-2008 I have no doubt that we would be half if not more of comparing to Japan’s GDP. Vichoco are sitting around blaming things on the “communist” blaming Ho Chi Minh (one who have live the most overwhelming life) for his damage caused to Viet Nam while they praised Ngo Dinh Diem for his patriotism… First and foremost Ngo Dinh Diem was a Mandarin (colonial official) catholic who lived a god’s life under colonist France administration controlling over Vietnamese plantation. His father used Phan Dinh Phung’s ashes to execute other revolutionaries. Ngo Dinh Diem was also very prejudice towards Buddhism and also carries an extreme sadistic hatred for any one suspected of being a Viet Cong. Matter of fact, he used that excuse to eliminate monks who protested against him.

So what does Vichoco have to do with anything? They complain that Viet Nam is living under the Chinese influence, they claim that we are “Dogs for the Chinese”. Lets see just about a month ago a protest burst in the city of Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City with Anti-Chinese slogans etc. over Vietnamese Hoang Sa and Truong Sa. This was permitted by the Government to go on for over 2 hours until it was broken up by police. Also what was that Sino-Vietnamese War in 1979 all about if Viet Nam was such “Dogs” to Chinese? This is a typical Vichoco, they take humiliation from Westerners (White American) and takes it out on their own… Calling their “own” “Dogs”.

This is the conclusion, they haven’t realized it but Vichoco are hypocrites because they are dogs themselves because they were and still are hailing to Ngo Dinh Diem (A Mandarin Descendant). Also have you ever talked to a Vichoco? If you are Vietnamese and you approach them with patriotic speech about Viet Nam they will say “If you love Viet Nam so much then why don’t you go back”. Well I wonder how many times an American have said to them “Get the hell out of my country “Chink/Gook””. They also run around with French colonist flag taunting Viet Nam about “human rights” while over 5 million of Vietnamese are living with Dioxin Agent released by America during the American War. Estimated over hundred thousand tonnes were released in the tropical country. These victim should be compensated by America’s war crime, however Vichoco ignores and complain about something that matters not. American are tyrants however I can make exceptions for many. But I have much more respect for American than Vichoco.

In this world we talk about warlords and terrorist. We hang Saddam because he refused to allow his nation to continuing exposing their oil to America’s market. How about the warlords of America? Have you ever heard of an American president getting hung or executed? How about the Lt. William Calley for his My Lai Massecre? (he had 3 years house arrest equal lives of over hundreds of victims right?) or Nixon for his lies? Why not because America is indeed “god’s number 1″… They are however #1 for international slaughtering. “God bless America.”…

I never knew that god was a “DEVIL”.

Please enlighten yourself and ask if you have questions.



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